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Ep. 115 – Cross-Border Real Estate Investment: Insights from MSF Capital’s Michael Felman

Guest: Michael Felman – President and CEO of MSF Capital Advisors

Join us on this insightful episode of Family Office Real Estate Insights, featuring Michael Felman of MSF Capital Advisors. With years of experience in both the legal and investment sectors, Michael brings a wealth of knowledge on cross-border investments, family office operations, and the dynamics of global real estate markets.

In this discussion, we dive deep into the evolution of family offices from traditional investment avenues to sophisticated, global real estate ventures. Michael shares his journey from practicing law to establishing a family office focused on angel investments, eventually leading to the creation of MSF Capital Advisors. This advisory firm caters to an exclusive clientele of family offices around the world, guiding them through the intricacies of investing in diverse markets.

Key highlights include:
– The shift from legal practice to international real estate and venture investments.
– The foundation and growth of MSF Capital Advisors, serving family offices globally.
– Insights into cross-border investment strategies, including the importance of local partnerships, understanding cultural nuances, and navigating legal and tax implications.
– The role of family offices in today’s global investment landscape, emphasizing long-term relationships over immediate transactions.
– Michael’s unique approach to building trust with international clients, underscoring the value of personal connections in business dealings.

Whether you’re a seasoned investor looking to expand your horizons or new to the realm of family office investments, this episode offers valuable perspectives on navigating the global real estate market. Michael’s experiences and insights shed light on the complexities and opportunities that lie in cross-border investments, emphasizing the importance of patience, diligence, and strong relationships in achieving success.

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