DJ Van Keuren |

Key Note Topics


Family Office & Real Estate keynote speaker DJ Van Keuren educates and engages audiences.  He uses his first-hand experience of working with the Patriarch at several Single Family Offices and vast real estate experience to understand the inner workings of family offices and the future of real estate.

What Family Offices Look For In Their Investments

  • What are the strategies to access the largest transfer of wealth in history?

  • Why Family Offices need financial professionals to maintain wealth and how you can be influential in that process.

  • DJ Van Keuren’s background of working for three Single Family Offices and directly with the Patriarch at each office gives him a  unique insight into the world of  Family Offices.

The Future Disruption of Real Estate and the Impact No One Realizes Is Coming

  • How the industry is going to be turned on its head

  • What professions related to the real estate industry are going to be eliminated

  • How blockchain is going to affect every facet of the real estate industry

How Family Offices Invest Into Real Estate

Based on the largest study ever done on Family Offices and their Real Estate Investments, DJ discusses the results from 2019 and 2020.  Data and Statistics includes:

  • What type of properties are family offices investing into

  • What type of returns do they expect on their real estate investments

  • What type of investments into real estate do their foundations invest into

  • How much do they allocate towards real estate properties

  • How tax efficient are their portfolios and more…..

How To Gain Family Office Clients

  • What do Family Offices look for in their service providers

  • Why Family Offices need professionals to help maintain a legacy for future generations

  • How to understand the areas of demand for family offices