DJ Van Keuren |

Ep. 113 – Greatness Is A Choice

Guest: Ethan Penner – Author and Creator of The CMBS Market

In this enlightening discussion, DJ Van Keuren sits down with Ethan Penner, author and real estate financial pioneer, to dive deep into the themes from Penner’s new book Greatness is a Choice. Ethan Penner delves deep into the concept of contrarianism, emphasizing the profound power of self-esteem and trusting oneself. In his book, Penner addresses the importance of real confidence and the continuous journey of self-reflection, suggesting that true self-worth isn’t stagnant but is earned and reassessed daily. Drawing from personal experiences and valuable life lessons, he explores the nuances of wisdom, the role of youthful fervor in the world, and the significance of remaining open and ever-eager to learn. Penner’s perspective, encapsulated in 70 thought-provoking chapters, is not just a guide for business but a profound exploration of life, growth, and finding one’s true self.