DJ Van Keuren |

Ep. 111 – Low Leverage and Investing in Today’s Market

Guest: Louis Dubin – Managing Partner at Redbrick LMD

In the upcoming episode of Family Office Real Estate Insights, we’re joined by Louie Dublin from Redbrecht to discuss the current landscape of real estate investment. Louie shares his company’s focus on developing nearly 2,000 residential units in Washington, D.C., most of which are market-rate housing. Amid rising interest rates and economic uncertainties, Louie emphasizes the importance of low leverage in their investment strategy. He reveals that Redbrecht typically leverages less than 40% for construction debt, a conservative approach that has enabled them to secure a non-recourse construction loan over $100 million. The conversation also delves into Opportunity Zones, where Louie highlights the benefits and challenges. With insights from one of the largest family office real estate studies, this episode promises to offer valuable perspectives for both family offices and individual investors considering multifamily real estate. Don’t miss it!