DJ Van Keuren |

Ep. 110 – Family Office Governance & Investment Policy Statements

Guest: Andrew Pitcairn – Family Council Chair/Director | Pitcairn MFO

In this enlightening conversation, we explore the multifaceted role of education in wealth management and legacy planning with Andrew Pitcairn of Pitcairn, emphasizing that it goes beyond financial literacy to include understanding one’s family history and values. We discuss the holistic approach of a true family office, which encompasses investments, family dynamics, and transitions. The conversation also delves into the complexities of transitioning from a single-family to a multi-family office, the importance of Family Councils, and the role of governance in maintaining family unity. We wrap up by discussing the significance of real estate as a hard asset in legacy building, underscoring the idea that a strong investment portfolio and good governance are interdependent. This discussion aims to provide valuable insights for families looking to preserve their wealth and legacy for future generations.